Even More Cicada Haiku

Cicada Haiku #64
They eat some fungus
that makes them hallucinate
and their butts fall off.

Cicada Haiku #65
Butts literally
falling off due to fungus.
I mean what the hell?

Cicada Haiku #66
When it’s hot they pee.
it is known as honeydew.
I’m wearing a hat.

Cicada Haiku #67
They really do pee.
I’m not making this shit up.
It feels like rain drops.

Cicada Haiku #68
When they pee on you
it’s high in sugar content
and it is sticky.

Cicada Haiku #69
They’re not just Brood X.
There are more than three thousand
species in the world.

Cicada Haiku #70
They think you’re a tree
but cannot lay eggs on you.
Well at least there’s that!

Cicada Haiku #71
It’s only the males
that sing at the volume of
Harley Davidsons.

Cicada Haiku #72
Females are sometimes
attracted to the sound of
lawnmower engines.

Cicada Haiku #73
When they are babies
they jump off of tree branches
and then start to dig.

Cicada Haiku #74
They have red eyeballs.
A small number of them don’t.
Those have blue eyeballs.

Cicada Haiku #75
They aerate the soil
when they emerge to mutate
into adult bugs.

Cicada Haiku #76
There are some huge wasps
known as cicada killers.
They are my heroes.

Cicada Haiku #77
They hatch earlier
in the year these days due to
the changing climate.

Cicada Haiku #78
Played a gig outside.
Drummer had one on his head
and on his drums too.

Cicada Haiku #79
They have two red eyes.
But they have three more also.
Five eyes in total.

Cicada Haiku #80
Seventeen years and
thirteen years are prime numbers.
They’re mathematicians.

Cicada Haiku #81
They sure make a mess
when they splatter upon the
windshield of your car.

Cicada Haiku #82
In Australia
there is a blue cicada.
I bet they’re not loud.

Cicada Haiku #83
In just a few weeks
the craziness will be gone.
Will we miss the bugs?

Cicada Haiku #84
For seventeen years
we’ll only have memories.
Will we remember?



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Nate Johnson

Nate Johnson


Information security analyst and consultant. Incident response specialist. Jazz musician. Fly angler. Dad. All around decent fellow.